About Us

Shannon Riddell

I knew from a young age I would be a business owner.  I tend to be a think outside the box (no not wine box) kind of girl.  At 19 years old I opened my first business, Kneading to Relax, the first massage establishment in town.  I enjoyed the daily operations but constantly had the drive and passion to do bigger and better things.  In 2004 I bought commercial property and expanded into a salon and spa.   Over the past 14 years the beauty industry has allowed me to be creative, free and pave my own path.  

Fashion has always been a hobby of mine.  Even though most days, my thoughts were grrrrr I don’t want to put on pants today, I would get compliments from many women on my outfits.  I knew that one day this would be my next business venture.  As a mom, wife and boss life can get a little stressful.  Our vision was to keep it fun and casual with a splash of fancy.  We searched high and low to be able to offer the latest quality clothing at affordable prices. Looking for a more comfy or sophisticated look? We’ve got what you need...Plus Shipping is ALWAYS FREE!  After all what hard-working woman out there doesn’t deserve to relax with her favorite beverage after a hard day’s work. Cheers to Sipping and  Shopping!!

Beverly Mc Cord 

It took a little convincing my mom to be part of my team, well maybe just a glass or two of wine.  Her first words were you can’t boss me around.  Despite the fact that we are always told we look alike I have my dad’s personality.  

Growing up I could not imagine having a more supportive encouraging mom.  Just like my business career I had no clue what I wanted to do.  No matter what choices I made, what I decided to be or not to be my mom had my back.  I believe it was her letting me make my own choices and my own mistakes that allowed me to be the woman I am today.  She is the one who first got me into fashion.  I remember coming home and she would have outfits displayed on my bed that she bought that day.  

I know sounds kind of bratty, but she grew up with nothing.  My mom and dad got married at a very young age.  Like myself my dad started his business very young but together they were determined to make a life for my brother and I that they never had.  I could not be more excited to work with such a pure dedicated soul.